Antique Crutches

Antique Crutches
We have upgraded the crutches only by attaching pathetically uncomfortable padding to the armpit section and the hand section. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do Not Ever Doubt A Mother

The same day that I broke my leg, I called my parents. They were very sympathetic and I said right away, 'I just want to come home.' Mom said, "Sure you can! Oh wait, we are going on a 10 day cruise, but you can have the house to yourself!" Um...Mom? I don't need a house! I have one. I needed help. I needed someone to drive me to my dr's appointments and tuck me in.
The next day, I was talking to my dad over the phone and he said to me, "Don't worry, help is on the way." I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Well, I've called you haven't I? I'm the help!" I didn't think anything of it except that is his sense of humour.
A few hours later, my dad calls again and says, "We are driving to Calgary!"
My mom quickly grabbed the phone and said, "No, No...I'm at the airport and I'm coming to Calgary!"
Wow, was I releaved. How was I going to manage the next little while without help. I realized at this point (after being in this heavy temporary cast) that I couldn't be on my own righ then.
My mom arrived that night and stayed for 10 days! It was such a blessing to have her. She did so many things for me that I didn't realize I would need help doing. She cooked, cleaned, made my bed in the morning, did countless loads of laundry, and she was wonderful company for me while I was in a lot of pain.
When my mom left last Saturday, it was hard to say goodbye. Not only was I saying goodbye to a lovely nurse, but I was saying goodbye to a dear friend.


  1. Wow you have a wonderful mom... did she bake you any cookies?

  2. Unfortunatley, she did not. She is an awesome mom but she hates baking! I was just so impressed that she was able to do what she could-including driving, since the week before my fall, she couldn't do any of it due to the pain from her right shoulder surgery she had about 6 weeks ago!

  3. Yikes! I hope you find a driver to get you around :S