Antique Crutches

Antique Crutches
We have upgraded the crutches only by attaching pathetically uncomfortable padding to the armpit section and the hand section. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping Sane

You might think, "Wow, it would be wonderful to have a broken leg! I could sleep in, relax all day and do whatever I wanted to!" Unfortunately, breaking your leg isn't that glamorous. The weird thing is that when I was a little girl, I thought it would be fun to break a bone-any bone! I always knew that was probably a weird thing to wish until I was talking to a friend after I broke my leg. She was commenting that probably in a child's mind, breaking a bone = attention and lots of it! This is true, when a small child breaks their bone, there is a lot of attention from teachers, classmates, friends, family and doctors. When you are an adult, it isn't that exciting actually!

How do I keep sane? This month has probably been the longest month of my life. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it really isn't. I live alone and I have found that living alone while having a broken leg and pain for most of the time (that has resolved, thankfully), it is really hard being alone 24 hours a day. I do have wonderful family and friends who have helped me in every way possible, but they too have lives.

I have had lonely times, sad times and very frustrating times. All in all though, I think I have managed my situation really well. Sure, I have moments of extreme frustration while trying to get my laundry basket down 2 flights of stairs and across 3 hallways to the bathroom. Sure, I end up making videos late into the night about how I get up and down the stairs (which might seem crazy to you), to pass the time and to make this blog somewhat entertaining.

Until a few nights ago, I thought I was sane....Then "The noise" started! I think that most people who I tell about the noise are slightly amused and they might wonder what I'm really trying to tell them. They entertain me with their, "That must be awful?", but they quickly change the subject and I don't blame them. If a friend called me up to complain about this noise, then I too might change the subject quickly. Maybe you can be the judge on whether or not I'm sane!

The noise seems to be coming from the house beside me. It is a low throbbing kind of noise. I noticed the noise one night while I was trying to sleep and I just assumed that the family next door had their TV on too loud or their music on too loud. I fell asleep soon after that and I didn't think twice about it.....until the same thing happened the following night. The noise was only in my bedroom, so again I assumed that they had the volume up too loud next door. The noise is almost like a morse code. The throbbing is three long beats and then a quick beat.
The noise has gotten louder over the past few days. I also hear it throughout the entire day and not just in the night like originally. The noise also is now heard all over my house! It is true, I am going insane!

If I were still on pain meds, I might blame it on the meds but the noise is so invasive, most nights I don't fall asleep until 3a.m. This noise is affecting my sleep and I have to get to the bottom of it.

I called my neighbour to the left of me last night. She only had heard silence. I hobbled over to my neighbour to the right of me this evening and he hadn't heard a single noise over the past several weeks from anywhere. He denied playing his music or TV really loudly and I do believe him. He did look at me a few times during our conversation with some annoyance and I bet he wanted to make the cuckoo symbol (you know when you twirl your finger around in circles beside your head when you want to signal to someone that the person is nuts?) several times during our conversation. I wobbled back to my house with frustration. As soon as I shut the door, the noise started again! What am I going to do? I'm prepared for any and all suggestions!

So, perhaps I have gone a little insane from spending too much time in front of this computer playing online backgammon and watching youtube videos about crutches and fun tricks you can do with your wheelchair.

Perhaps I need to spend more time in the fresh air. perhaps I need to get my hearing checked. Perhaps I need to watch Rear View Window to search for a conspiracy theory that perhaps my neighbours are trying to convince me I'm insane by putting this noise into my house!? Any of these ideas can be a possibility. I do know this: the next person who comes for a visit-I will ask them to listen. To listen really carefully for...the noise.

P.S. According to the Morse Code, the closest thing that I could be hearing (3 longs and a short) would either be an 8 (3 longs and 2 shorts) or V (1 short and 4 longs). Mmm..>What could this mean?

The Cuckoo Sign:

"Cuckoo sign
A gesture made by closing ones fist, extending the index finger, and circling it around ones ear or temple for several seconds. This gesture is used to indicate that someone is speaking nonsense or is crazy (more colloquially, this is described as being cuckoo). The "cuckoo" sign is well-known in the United States and Canada"! (From:

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