Antique Crutches

Antique Crutches
We have upgraded the crutches only by attaching pathetically uncomfortable padding to the armpit section and the hand section. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Books, Books and More Books

Besides watching movies, I've also been reading some wonderful books while I've been recouperating. These are the books that I have read over the past 6 weeks.
Maybe after reading my critique, you too will want to read the books.

My Lobotomy, by Howard Dully.
This is the non-fiction account of a boy who received a lobotomy at the age of 12. Dr. Walter Freeman was convinced by Mrs. Dully (Howard's step mother) that "something needed to be done with the boy." Howard was a typical boy who didn't always listen to his step-mother, was a bit rowdy and wasn't the most attentive boy in school. The book includes pictures that Dr. Freeman took of Howard. Howard was able to gain access to Mr. Freeman's patient files and find his own file. The book is his account of the story of how he received his lobotomy but what he also endured following the surgery. A fascinating story!

Looking For Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up A Literary Classic by Irene Gammel. This book is a great find since it details (possibly) how LMM came up with the ideas for Anne of Green Gables. LMM found ideas all around her for her fun-filled character of Anne. As a lover of Anne of Green Gables, I found this book to be inspiring and original in content.

Marley & Me by John Grogan.
This is a hilarious book about how Marley, a Golden Retriever and the adventures that he has with his family. It is a really sweet story and at times incredibly sad. Marley was an adventurous dog with lots of spunk. His family had amazing patience with the dog (patience I wouldn't have had!).

The Blood of the Lambs by Kamel Saleem. This book is an autobiography of Mr. Saleem and his involvement as a Muslim Terrorist. He was trained at a young age to kill all infedels and Jews and to be prepared for Jihad(which could come at any day). which involved killing all people who were non-Muslims. After a series of events, he realized that what the Muslim gurus had been teaching him since he was of the age of 6 was wrong. He became a Christian and decided to pursue educating the world about the tactics of the Muslim terrorists. This is an unbelievable and scary account of his life. A must read for everyone.

Where Am I Wearing: A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes by Kelsey Timmerman.
Mr. Timmerman makes it his missing to go the shops where his clothes are made from (flip flops, jeans, t-shirts and even his boxer shorts) in various countries. He discovers the people who make his clothes, the companies, and also that perhaps working in a clothing shop in these 3rd world countries is not a bad thing for the people. This book gives an interesting account to the clothing industry and to the lives of those who make the clothing we wear today.

Man In White by Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash spent years creating a novel based on the life of Paul (a disciple of Christ). He begins the book with a wonderful and intriguing account of Saul's life as her tortured and persecuted Christians. He then carries on to describe how Saul met Christ in the road on his way to killing more Christians. Saul was met by Christ on the road to Damascus where he was to persecute more Christians. Christ's effect on Saul was so life-changing that Saul realized the errors of his way. He spent the rest of his life teaching people about the love of Christ. Johnny Cash wrote an amazing book that gives the readers a possible insight into the life of Saul, who then became Paul.

Final Analysis: The Untold Story of The Susan Polk Murder Case by Catherine Crier.
I enjoy true crime and this true crime book is about Susan Polk who married her therapist at a young age and who after having three children, decided to murder her husband. I know that true crime isn't for everyone, but I found this book to be a real page turner.

After reading many serious non-fiction books, I decided to try something light. I picked up Laughing Matters: Learning to Laugh When Life Stinks by Phil Callaway.
Phil is a Christian speaker and author residing in a small town in Alberta. He writes of the funny times that he and his wife shared while they were trying to discover the mysterious illness that caused his wife repeateded seizures, sometimes 10-20 a day. He uses humour to get himself and his family through this difficult time. Besides using humour, he also reminds us that the Lord will always be with us through the sad times and through the humourous times. This is a lesson that we all need to remember. If you can get a copy of this book, do so and be prepared to laugh until you are crying and crying until you are laughing! "Praise the Lord for He is good... His love with endure forever." 2 Chronicles 5:13 (NIV)


  1. Some suggestions: Wealthy Barber, Pillars of the Earth or just check out my facebook book list.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I am starting to read a couple of light comedy ones-I need that after reading several serious books.

  3. Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the book.