Antique Crutches

Antique Crutches
We have upgraded the crutches only by attaching pathetically uncomfortable padding to the armpit section and the hand section. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Note To Self

Yesterday, a friend was able to take me to a local store that sells medical supplies and rents things like wheelchairs. When I first broke my leg, I began to rent a wheelchair which has really come in handy. I use it in the house and friends have been great taking it in and out of their car whenever we go anywhere.

I decided yesterday that a shower chair would really come in handy since I haven't had a shower in one month. Don't worry, I bathe every day and wash my hair every day but I thought a shower would be wonderful.

Shower chairs are basically plastic chairs with adjustable legs that you can put into your shower. It wasn't the chair that was the problem, it was the "water proof" bag that was the problem. I followed the directions-basically the bag was a long tube with 2 elastic bands at the top. You were to stretch the bag from the bottom of your cast to up above your knee. The two elastics were to use to make a cuff around the top of your knee.

I showered very happily but as soon as I turned off the faucet, I knew something was wrong. I knew my cast was soaked because when I lifted up the bag casted leg, there were about 7 inches of water at the bottom of the bag! How did that get in there?

My cast was so wet that wherever I stepped in the bathroom and put my casted leg down to rest it while getting ready, a puddle of water was always left behind!

I called the Dr's office who told me to come in to have the cast removed, more xrays completed and a new cast applied. The Dr. was not in (he was doing rounds at my workplace) but he would be about to see the xrays from the hospital. I needed to arrange a ride and praise the Lord my friend was available! This meant she had to drive from her house to my house, about 20 minutes, then take me to the Dr's office. The nurse ended up having to stay late since I was so late in coming. She sawed off the front portion of the cast and sent me on my way to the xray clinic down the street. I got a new set of xrays completed on my right leg (this time it was a lot less painful climbing up the two sets of stairs onto the platform in the xray room and having my foot rest completely on the platform compared to the first time 7 days after my fall). After the xrays, we returned to the Dr's office. Unfortunately the Dr. had just gone into surgery, so he wasn't able to view the Xrays. The nurses casted my leg and voila, I have a new leg!

Note to self: Never ever take a shower with a cast! Do not trust those "special water proof bags for casts!" If you do take a shower, be prepared to spend 3 hours going back and forth to the Dr's office, x ray clinic and back again!

The nurse revealed why the Dr. does not use coloured fibreglass for casts. Why you might ask? He trained in the States and where he trained, any gang members would choose the colour of the gangs to be used to wrap their broken limb! So the "Cribs" and the "Bloods" would choose their gang colours as their cast colours! Interesting, right? I'm obviously not in a gang but I guess he just was so affected by this practice of the gang members that he decided not to have coloured casts in his practice ever!

This is a scene from the hillarious show, The Office. This episode is when Michael fries his foot in a George Forman Grill! (Apparently, he loves the smell of frying bacon in the morning, so at the end of his bed, he sets up a George Forman Grill. Every evening, he puts slices of bacon on the grill and when he wakes up he grills the bacon in his George Forman grill! This one morning, he ended up stepping on the grill when it was frying his bacon!)


  1. Hi there, currently broken as well and below is a link that I have been using for the last 2 weeks, the cast cover is amazing and if you put it on correctly you will not have a drop of water seep into the cast!

    Feel free to email me any questions.

  2. you poor soul. I guess there is pain in your gain though. A nice shower(gain).... new cast(pain).