Antique Crutches

Antique Crutches
We have upgraded the crutches only by attaching pathetically uncomfortable padding to the armpit section and the hand section. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 8

It has been 8 weeks and 3 days since I broke my leg on that walk with my friend and my new dog.
I have had 4 casts each decorated differently than the last one.
I have had countless trips to the Dr's office and to the xray lab. I have crawled up and down many flights of stairs.
What have I learned so far?

I have learned how much ice and strong opiates can help reduce the pain of a broken leg.

I have learned that not only is there physical pain with a broken leg but also some emotional frustration, loneliness and discouragement with being dependent on others (with things like grocery shopping and doing my laundry).

I have learned that family and friends will come through for me during difficult times. I have enjoyed every moment with family members (whether on the phone or in person) and every moment that I have spent with friends. I have had some friends that have gone above and beyond in helping me (i.e. picking me up on their only day off after I have completely soaked my cast after taking a shower and spending hours with me going back and forth from the Dr's office to the xray lab and back again).
I have learned how to crawl up the stairs with bowls of snacks, drinks, and other items I take up and down the stairs.

I have learned that a wheelchair can be your best friend when you have a broken leg.

I have learned to hide my pride when I go to Walmart and ride their scooters so that those who are "handicapped" (or according to Sue Sylvester from the TV show, Glee, calls handicapable) can use.

I have learned how to drive the stores' scooters and not cringe every time the reverse button is pressed and the annoying beeping begins.

I have learned to go to the movies after the lights have been turned down so that not everyone in the theatre has to see me "bum up" the stairs to my seat.

I have learned that you can live off of short term disability but that it doesn't leave much room for extras.

I have learned that not all stores are wheelchair accessible even though the store might have the buttons you can push that automatically open the door.

I have learned to laugh at myself even when I am falling flat on my face in front of my cute neighbour, almost into dog poop because my crutches stumbled and I lost balance.

Isn't it amazing to learn things when life isn't all that great! In this case, I'm happy to say that "hindsight is NOT 20/20" in this case!

Mark Lowry, Christian comedian talks about his accident and his broken leg.

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